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  • Configurations from 150W to 600W

  • Heritage release with artificial muscles, spring operated deploy

  • Release within 5 seconds, Delayed deploys in 10 seconds.

  • Embedded antennas can be configured as 2 monopoles or 1 dipole, or patch, frequency range from VHF to S-band

  • Includes Release control board and contact sensors

  • Sun sensors and temperature sensors embedded

  • Designed for LEO missions and requirements

  • Manufactured according to space standards and custom mission design

  • Functional, performance, thermal bake out and vibration tests provided with documentation.

  • 19.5 mm max when folded, each panel is 3mm thick

DMSA Micro: Deployable Multifunction Solar Array

The EXA DMSA Micro (Deployable Multifunction Solar Array for Microsatellites) is the upscaled version of the latest DMSA line, it is our answer to microsatellite sized products which are lightweight and thin, yet very robust and with a high power yield. The arrays fold into a panel attached to the spacecraft structure just as another solar panel and once in orbit it deploys to full extension, it includes deploy and release contact sensors and its own deploy control board.

Now, in a world's first, it includes embedded antennas that range from VHF to S band, no longer you need to buy and manage antenna systems, the DMSA has them embedded in its structure as 2 monopoles or 1 dipole or a patch and they deploy with the solar array, you just connect the cable to your radio.

It also has an embedded magnetorquer, sun and temperature sensors. These solar panels feature a very high efficiency for very high-power missions; the maximum folded thickness is 19.5 mm for the 4-panel array. Every array is tested and qualified in our own facilities and shipped with full reports, the DMSA Micro yields the best results when coupled with our high-capacity batteries.

Availability:  8 to 12 weeks


  • Cables w/connectors 

  • Installed DMSACTRL control board


  • Supply Voltage (depends on configuration):

    • Voltage and current are user defined

    • From 150W to 600W

  • Bypass and protections diodes integrated

  • Power Delivered:

    • Condition full sunlight in LEO: 150 W minimum, 600W maximum

  • Cell Efficiency: >30%

  • Release within 2 seconds

  • Delayed deploys in 10 seconds

  • Embedded Antennas:

    • Band Range: VHF to S-band

    • Gain:

      • Monopole configuration = 1.1 dB max

      • Dipole configuration = 2.1 dB max

      • Extended Monopole = 2.3 dB max

    • Lambda: from 1/4 to full wave

    • Connectors: User defined

    • Cable: RG316 or User defined

  • Sun Sensor:

    • Analog, GPIO, 5 to 16V

    • Linear response range from 0.2V to 5V

    • Working current: 50 mA

    • Working FOV: 65 degrees H/V

  • Temperature sensor:

    • Analog, GPIO, 4 to 12V

    • Linear response range from 0.3V to 1.5V

    • Working current: 80 mA

    • Working temperature: -65 to 135C


  • Mass (exact mass depends on configuration):

    • 1 panel: 3870g

    • 2 panels: 5750g

    • 3 panels: 7630g

  • Panel Thickness:

    • Folded:

      • 1 panel: 10 mm

      • 2 panels: 13 mm

      • 3 panels: 16 mm

      • 4 panels: 19.5 mm

    • Unfolded: 3 mm

  • Deploy/Release control board included, TTL 3.3 or 5V operated

  • Operating Temperature: -80 to +130°C

  • Radiation Tolerance: 4 years minimum in LEO


  • Panels:

    • Side panel: FR4-Tg180

    • Deployable panels: FR4-Tg180 3mm thick

  • Contact sensors: Deploy and Release

  • Actuators:

    • Deploy: Controlled Spring operated

    • Release: 4 Solenoids

  • Cell Material: GaAs (High power) >30% efficiency

  • Cell Interconnector: Kovar Silver plated

  • Interfaces:

    • Custom choice of connectors, PTFE (Teflon) space grade cables, multi strand, silver plated copper (AWG26, AWG24)


All panels are provided with tests reports regarding:

  • Continuity isolation between cells and substrate

  • No cracks warranty

  • Full vibration test for Falcon 9, Vega, Electron, Soyuz, Dnepr and Long March 2D

  • QT and AT is performed on the unit to be shipped



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