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Cubesat Market Provider - EXA Ecuadorian Space Agency



EXA is an aerospace research and development institution that, among other things, designs and builds extreme hardware for CubeSats, with more than 7 years of record-setting flight heritage in extreme conditions; products include 1U to 6U deployable solar arrays, the most energy-dense slim batteries in the market, titanium structures, OBCs, EPSs, SDR radios, Laser communications equipment,  cubesat and microsat structures and mechanical components on demand, magnetorquers, deployable antennas, active artificial muscles and their unique NEMEA MLI anti-radiation, thermal control shields.


EXA’s technology is singular, original, simple, solid and dependable and allows CubeSat developers to use COTS components in order to break the limitations of budget and power typical of the cubesat form factor, the deployable hardware is based over EXA’s unique Active Artificial Muscle technology for a dependable, proven and anti-whiplash deploy of challenging mechanical elements. Flight heritage from 10+ missions backs their technology which is currently in use in European, Asian and Latinamerican spacecrafts, and in the challenging U.S. market.



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